A number of years ago now I discovered a joy of building web sites, shooting videos and photography. Being nothing more than a hobby to this point, it has limited the amount of time that I have been able devote to each project. As I am able to spend time with each project, I am not only creating new content but I am continuing to teach myself at the same time.

I began my first web site, Private Pilot Insider, several years ago because of my attraction to aviation. This site, www.TommyEldridge.com, has links and examples to all my work. Additionally I have displayed my photos and you can also find a link to my YouTube, Face Book and LinkedIn page.

I have a degree in Television Production from Chattahoochee Technical College. I have had the opportunity to work on the production set at Georgia Public Broadcasting running the teleprompter for Trust Dale TV, videographer, grip and stage hand with multiple companies and I currently work full time for a local production company in Atlanta, GA.

Please continue to visit this site and follow me as I gain the knowledge and experience to create my own master piece.

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