Story Book project

Story book project about texting and driving.
A final project that I was required to do for my intro to television Production class atChattahoochee Technical College was called a “Story Book” project. We where required to direct the production of a short book totaling about 3 to 4 minutes. As I thought about what I wanted to produce I thought that I would like something that would hit home for my fellow college classmates and my teenage daughter. The dangers of texting and driving are very real and affect the lives of not only the texter and textie but the families of both. This video is a fictitious depiction of a very real problem. Please let me know your thoughts and please share.

I had an awesome time in pre-production and planning of this clip. In the production phase of Texting and Driving I had the opportunity to direct with an assistant director, shader, technical director, audio tech, 2 camera operators and 2 production assistants. It certainly worked in aided me in having actual hands on directing experience. I must say that it is much harder than it looks to follow a script, watch my monitors and keep them all in sequence.

My “Talent” in the video is my very own daughter, Kristina Eldridge and her friend Camry Pitman

Thank you,
Tommy Eldridge

Story book project

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