God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.

God opposes the proud
Being Humble for God

James 4:6b …..“God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.

For the better part of the beginning of my adulthood (whatever that is) I did pretty well in most areas of my life…. so I thought. I ignored wise counsel and, like Elvis Presley sang, “I did it my way”. When I did need counsel I would purposely talk with those whom I believed would side with me. It would be just for some confirmation to continue down a road that I was going take regardless of their advice anyway. God opposes the proud.

As I get older I have become aware of the many years of my life that I have wasted being “Proud” and thinking that “I” have all the answers because of my status of life. I would unconsciously compare myself to anyone who was not where I was in life. I have learned that money comes and goes, a house is just a shelter, a job position is just a paycheck and regardless of how nice my car is, it will break down.

My World

Denise and I once had a lady walk into our living room and say, “I’m humbled”. LOL, we don’t have the best home, high-end furnishings, fancy cars and don’t take vacations to exotic places. I do have a house, a couch, 2 cars and get to the beach at least once a year.

Whats must humbling, however, is the fact that after all that we, Denise and I, have done, He (Jesus, my Lord, and Savior) STILL chooses to use us in ministry in a mighty way. NEVER in my life have ever been as happy and continent as when I am serving the Lord in ministry.

I pray daily that I may be able to see and love others through HIS eyes, even those closest to me.

Tommy Eldridge

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