Moses, The behavior of others rather Vs. focusing on the activity of God.

“Moses allowed his attention to shift to the behavior of others rather than focusing on the activity of God.” Num. 20:12

This, to me, was a very powerful statement out of my morning devotions from Blackaby. Too often I get caught up in my daily routine and forget who I am, or should I say, who I represent. I am human and I will fail but, that’s no excuse. I should do better. I must be a light unto this world. My words on FB and my actions in my everyday life should be so strong that everyone knows that I am a child of the one true King.

Many of my friends on here and a lot that I have to interact with on a daily basis don’t believe in God as I do. I do, however, respect your views and ask the same of you. It’s tough for me at times but I know that God has placed me where I am for a reason and He believes I am strong enough to travel the road in front of me so I will press on. I will do my best with the guidance of Christ to keep my focus where it should be. I will pray for those who persecute me and seek for “The Light” to guide my path.

May everything that I do radiate Jesus from every pore of my body and soul.

Tommy Eldridge

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