Learn obedience even when it hurts!

Salt Life Ocean

I don’t know of anything on the face of the earth that is filled with joy 100% of the time. My “Saltlife” friends would say, “Hello, the ocean”. Well, it is but, I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth so as wonderful as the ocean is, it takes years of hard work to get there. If you put in the time, regardless if you’re a mountain or beach person, you can achieve your desired results. Learning to be compliant or “Obedient” to the necessary path will get your toes on the sand.

As wonderful as these thoughts are, I can share one that is even better and that is a life lived for Christ. I have had friends and have some now that have turned their backs on church and God and I can see in their eyes they are suffering the consequences of their actions.

We will make some mistakes in life with our retirement goals and either not make it or have to hump it double time to get there. Likewise, we will make some mistakes in our walk with Christ but, If you stay the course I promise it will be better than any other dream you have ever had.

Mess up your retirement and you sit at home, mess up and not walk with God……. Well, VERY devastating results. Do you know Jesus?

Tommy Eldridge

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