UNDERCOVER BOSS out in the open.


UNDERCOVER BOSS out in the open.

Today Denise and I were couch potatoes because of the massive snow storm we had, lol. We had pretty much a bum day full of games, junk food and some TV. It’s been great to sit and do nothing for a change. While surfing the channels I came across one of my favorite shows, “Undercover Boss”. One of the shows we watched was a review of past shows, kind of a, “Where are they Now” show. One of the bosses highlighted was Don Fertman, CDO of Subway. During his interview he revealed that he had been battling alcohol addiction when the first show was filmed more than 2 years earlier. Little did he know but, a viewer was watching that particular episode and heard the story of his battle. The viewer himself was battling the same addiction to the point of death and because of the personal testimony of Mr. Fertman he gained the motivation that he needed to pull himself out of the grasp of the addiction.  The follow-up show that we watched had them two together and they were both still alcohol free.

This is the very reason I continue to share my stories. I have personally had numerous people message or approach me with their unfortunate situations. I believe that no tragedy should be wasted. I believe that anyone who has battled a storm (and lived to tell about It) should open their heart and arms and mentor someone else. Some of the topics that I write about are hard to talk about but, I know that someone somewhere has, is or is about to go through what I did and needs to hear it.

There are no new problems under the sun, we all share the same tough roads so why don’t we share the successful outcomes? I don’t think it’s that we DON’T want to share our success, I think it’s because we don’t want to share our failure. It’s called pride. We are ashamed to let others know that we are human. If Mr. Fertman had kept his addiction on the down low, then the viewer may not be alive today. As well, there are lives and marriages changed today because I continue to tell my story.


I can love because HE did first.

I can live because HE died,

I can stand because HE laid down,

I can rest because HE’s alive.


NO MORE CHAINS, turning my valleys into victories.

Tommy Eldridge


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