Halloween is over and Christmas is on the way

Tommy Eldridge

Another Halloween is past and my two favorite holidays are right around the corner which means food, food and more food. I love me some of my wife’s Broccoli Cheese Casserole and the green stuff (Pistachio pudding dessert). Undoubtedly many of you may have visited a haunted house this year. Honestly it has been years since I have been through one. There is something about walking down a dark and cold hallway not knowing whats around the corner but knowing something IS around that corner. Possibly a tour guide is there, not to protect you but, to push you into whatever is lurking for you. It just gets the blood flowing.

If you think about it, our life can be, sometimes, like that haunted house. Creepy and scary things are daily lurking around corners to attack us and our homes. I walk those dark and cold paths not in fear but with confidence because my guide, Jesus is there (Psalms 23:4) not to lead me into harm but protect me from it. Sometimes, however, I get a little cocky and He will allow me to experience what He has already told me will fail and I have to learn a valuable lesson.

Unlike the haunted house, life’s path are real and can come with devastating consequences. With Jesus in your life you can adopt Psalms 23:4 which says. “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me”. Please note that this did NOT say there will never be dark times but it DID say HE will walk with you.

DO you know my guide, Jesus Christ, if not then I will be glad to introduce you.

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Tommy Eldridge

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