When Will All the Fighting Stop.

We are continuing to see each and everyday words of hate and battering between things just as simple as a video that I watched of a truck driver almost hitting a car. I read the comments and wow at the arguments. I was doing some research last night on a church / religious issue and again I am floored at the attitude of some of the responses to the article. One of the greatest successes of my marriage is that I STOPPED looking for the “Wrong” and started looking for the “Rights”. Additionally, I make every effort to let them be known to her (the positives, that is). Did that stop all the wrongs? No but, they are few and far between and getting less. (a lot more to that another time)

The Proverbs today are so full of wonderful words to live by. In verse 27:17 It says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” A very familiar verse to many but, how many live by this? I am increasingly becoming deeply burdened and lead in this area of life. We must come together and stand against that which looks to destroy. We must also come alongside our neighbors, not just one time in prayer, (this is important) but, whenever they are in need. Whenever we hear a cry for help. Wherever we see a need. Some are meant to do it just today and some for the long haul. We should always be a mentor and we should always be mentoring.

Will you join me in the fight against hate and to abolish abandonment? We don’t have to live in that house anymore.

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Tommy Eldridge

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