One voice

Well, tis the season for an election. You can’t turn on the tv, radio or even Face Book and not see something about the current presidential race going on. Tell me this, how often do you seen a video or article that “Praised” one of them for their accomplishments? Is 95% of the publications that you see bashing one or the other? I have two thoughts about this. (LOL, like you knew I would)
1. In reading success and educational material you will find that what you take in is what will come out (kind of a no brainier). Ingest negative material about the candidates everyday and that will be exactly what you think about them. Regardless if it’s correct or not.
2. It’s obvious that one of the two will become our next president. I’m not going to talk about who i’m voting for because I don’t want that to “Trump” this post. We can so bash one or both of their names so bad that they are hated even before they take the position. A hated person is not followed, supported nor respected.
These two talking points also ring true with God and His holy word. I personally think that it is physically impossible to ingest the holy Bible and come away with a negative reaction but, maybe you can. I never have. I do believe we have had so many people talk badly about “Christians” that a lot are beginning to believe it.
We can change the world with our words. How it changes is up to you. YES, you. Remember, it was the voice of only one women that got prayer removed from school. What will your voice bring?
Hate or Love? Will you build or tear down. Will you bring together or tear apart?
Tommy Eldridge

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