Do you have Trouble Praising God?

“If you have trouble praising God with a song in your heart as you serve Him, it may be that your focus is not on God, but on your circumstances.”. Henry Blackaby

I can completely understand “Losing focus”. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. I can also completely understand that it is a battle to regain the focus that God desires of you and is ultimately worthy of. I must admit that in my mountain top times of life I can get tunnel vision and tend to believe that it’s just so easy to walk the straight and narrow… I’m here to confess and personally vouch that IT”S NOT EASY. I believe that your church family is vitally important to the path that you walk and it CAN NOT be accomplished on Sunday morning alone.

There is something missing among believers today. I don’t merely believe, I can see it in everyday life. I see men and women alike that have put so much on their plate and in front of spiritual life that Jesus has taken a back seat in their life and home. Satan has swindled us into “Focusing” on so many other things that we just don’t have time anymore. No wonder religion is losing ground at a rapid pace.

I have studied hundreds of hours on the topic of marriage and relationships. In my time of the study, I dove into why men and women are unfaithful to each other. A lot cheat simply because they have no desire to be faithful, or more simple, tied down with one person. But, a large majority are unfaithful because they are searching for what they SHOULD be getting at home.

There is a single door on the front of our church while there are double doors on the back. People are walking out at an alarming rate because, not just me and my home, but the entire body has lost focus. They are in search of God and His love, not just the first day they show up. They truly wish to GROW in a relationship with God and that’s just not happening. A feel-good lesson/sermon and some well-played music WILL NOT lead or keep a drifting or hurting soul at the foot of the cross.

We must get back to the basics and we must rekindle the fire.
We must start a revival… What’s it going to take for God to retake first place in our life? Time to purge!

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Tommy Eldridge

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