Walking Away from God

“One of the signs of a heart that has shifted from God is the absence of spiritual power.” I read this statement made by Henry Blackaby, the founder of Blackaby Ministries International in his devotional “Experiencing God” and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I paused from my morning devotions to reflect on times in my own life when my heart has shifted from God. I remember during those times compromising on my spiritual beliefs and engaging in sinful actions, something that I am truly not proud of.

I have a very in-depth Godly upbringing and I know the word of God, as well as someone without a biblical college education, could. I have spent thousands of hours studying and preparing lessons to teach and equally the same in personal devotion time so HOW could I just walk away so easily? As I thought about my times of waywardness, I can remember thinking this was fun… LOL, yeah, I know what your thinking, “This is fun”? Yes, sin is fun. It would be a tough job for Satan if it wasn’t but, it is. Sin is attractive but, it also comes with consequences. I am thankful that God has never let me get too far before I would realize the road of destruction that I’m on. Which, in turn, verifies with me the authenticity of my salvation and the small, gentle voice of my savior reprimanding me.

The statement ends with, “… The absence of spiritual power.” As I reflected on the times of my life when I am the closest to God, I am also reminded of the positive Godly influence that I have. The lives that were touched by my testimony, the hearts that were changed by my words and the hands and feet that were put into motion to serve. Oh, and when I say the word “My”, it’s only due to the power of Jesus Christ in my life and NOTHING to do with me. (Galatians 2:20)

None of us will ever really know the destruction that we can cause by detouring away from a Godly lifestyle but, the consequences will last for generations to come.  

In Christ,

Tommy Eldridge



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